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The easiest summary of Beautiful Graves by L.J Shen is, a tough choice between taking the safe choice and takjng a leap to chase that once in a lifetime spark.

But then, it’s so much more than that.
It’s a story of love and lost and heartache. Losing the people you love and the things it can do to you.

Everlynne Bellatrix Lawson ‘Ever’ who was already pretty much apathetic towards guys, met one she couldn’t get enough of on a vacation. They agreed to move heaven and earth to stay together, but then, tragedy struck. She then shut herself away from life as a coping mechanism over losing her mother, (who died) and the love of her life ‘Joe’ (who didn’t die but she pushed away, out of guilt). Her grief made her feel unworthy of happiness which instinctively guided her towards self destructive decisions.

She met a guy who is her exact opposite. Ready to take a huge bite out of life while she’s determined to hide away, but he’s slowly working to get her out of her shell, and getting her to live again. So, otherwise perfect.

Or is he?

What happens when the love of her life suddenly gets back into the picture? What happens when she finally decides to live again, but then, tragedy strikes yet again? How can she handle a new crushing secret about the man she’s engaged to forces her to confront the reality that, there’s nothing like a perfect man.

Will she finally gain the courage to get out of her own head and grab happiness? Or is she going to let fear make her lose everything?

I liked the fact that it wasn’t a regular, big meets girl, girl and boy falls in love type of story. This book will pull at your emotions because Shen made the character of Ever so well, it was easy to understand how she could have made certain decisions even if you hated them or didn’t agree with them. Survivor’s guilt is a real thing, and can be pretty strong too.

Ever pissed me off so many times, but she was a pretty relatable character. And poor Joe paid the price of her inability to make up her mind, but I’m glad that in the end, she was able to get her head out of her butt and did right by him.

I don’t like star ratings, so I won’t include one. However, I can tell you it was a pretty interesting story and quite an enjoyable read. If you’re a sucker for love triangles, then this is for you; with realistic characters (some of them might drive you to reconsider violence) and a relatable storyline.

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