Fated Accident


Escaping her father’s tyranny was the goal. Laying low in a small town in the middle of nowhere, was the plan. Literally walking into some douche and making a fool of herself wasn’t part of the plan. What’s even more off plan is how he makes her feel.
Now she has to decide whether to stay or to run, because surely, her past will catch up with her and she wouldn’t want to put him in danger, though it seems Caine has some secrets of his own.
She finds new information that makes her question everything she knew and realized that the little world she’s built for herself might be in more jeopardy than she thought. Will she succeed in hiding forever, or would she be dragged back to confront her past.

Is It Too Late?: A young adult novel


I know running is the Coward’s way out. But I had to get out, I had lived with my secret and pain for too long, overhearing that conversation was just the last straw. Something happened, years ago even, I thought I was over it, but apparently burying bad memories doesn’t make them go away. A lot has happened since then, now my new friend’s in trouble and I’m forced to face my demons. I’ve finally realised, Its time to stop running and go home, hoping its not too late to tell them the truth and reclaim all I threw away, especially Ryan.

It All Started With a Peach (Gryffin family drama Book 1)


A short story

If you enjoy romance with a dash of the paranormal, then this is for you.

Storm Gryffin left Boring (the most exciting place to live) to escape her family’s drama. What she doesn’t expect is to see the son of her family’s arch nemesis in school.
Storm’s powers demands she maintain control at all times or things go wrong. Being near him is a bad idea, and now he wants her help?

It All Went Bananas (Gryffin family drama Book 2)


If you love romance with a dash of the paranormal, then you’ll love this.
A sequel to ‘It Started With a Peach’ . This is Jaegar’s story but follow up of Storm and Lucas.

I fell in love with my bestfriend. That’s the easy part though, Fen is pretty lovable. Drumming up courage and finding the time to tell her, that’s where the problem lies. With my sister’s sudden announcement of marriage to mom’s mortal enemy, and the crazy debacle of wedding preparations, I can barely find the time to breathe. But it seems I’m not the only one noticing just how lovable Fen is. Now I can either get my shit together and tell her how I feel, risking losing her if she doesn’t feel the same, or I keep quiet and lose her anyway to Bernard fucking Walton. Meanwhile, mom’s outdone herself this time and will need the help of the person she hates most to fix it. It’s easy to say, it all went bananas.